Ganpati Invitation Message 2016 with Cards

Friends here in this article we are providing Ganpati Invitation Message for Friends & Family. This festival is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh. The Lord Ganesha is the God of prosperity and his blessings bring fruitful and prosperous outcome in the family. The festival, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. This year it is scheduled to celebrate on 5th September 2016. In this section, we have added beautiful Invitations for Ganpati Festival. Sweet Invitation For Ganpati Darshan At Home for Vinayak Pooja, Short Ganesh Chaturthi Invitation Wordings for Letter, Ganpati Invitation Text Message & Sms for Ganpati Invitation Cards

Best Ganpati Invitation Message for Friends & Family

Ganpati Invitation Message

Beautiful Greeting Image of Ganpati Invitation Message


1) Ganesh Chaturthi Invitation Message

Just by the presence of his
All the wishes are fulfilled and
The obstacles are abolished.
I hereby invite you and your family
To experience it with us at our place


2) Ganpati Invitation Message to Best Friend

To a close friend,
Sending Ganpati invitation message
For the festival in the Ganesh temple.
Join me in the festive celebrations to seek
Blessings of prosperity from the God.


3) Birthday Invitation For Ganesh Chaturthi At Home

It’s again the time of the year to
Celebrate the lord Ganesha’s birthday.
We are inviting all friends from far and near
To come and join the celebration.


4) Ganpati Invitation Sms for Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja

Dear friend, I invite you to the auspicious
Ganpati festival to be held at Ganesh mandir.
Let us celebrate the festival together and
Welcome the God prosperity in our homes.


5) Invitation For Ganpati Darshan At Home

You all and your family are invited to take the
Blessings of Lord Shri Ganesha at my home
During first 5 days of Ganesh Festival.


6) Ganpati Invitation Text Message in English

I invite you all to the
Ganpati festival to be held on 5 Sep 2016.
I would await your gracious presence
To join us in praying the Lord Ganesha and
Ask for blessings for prosperity of all.


7) Invitation For Ganpati Darshan At Temple

Dearest friend, inviting you to the
Ganpati festival this week at the nearest mandir.
I hope you will arrive to welcome
And pray Lord of prosperity for luck.


8) Invitation Message For Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

To my friend, sending the
Ganpati invitation message for the
Ganesh puja at my place.
Do arrive and join me in welcoming the
Elephant God for luck and prosperity in our lives.


9) Ganpati Invitation Wordings for Family

For all the best days of our lives,
For every miracle of waking up each morning,
We want to express how grateful we are to the Lord.
Please come and join us.



Ganpati Invitation Cards for Friends & Family

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