Stand Up Comedian Kapil Sharma Quotes

A new trend is going on which is some part of the youth are doing the job of stand up comedian. Here a guy with a huge level of sarcasm will entertain a gathering of the audience. Once there was a competition called laughter challenge, and there Kapil Sharma emerged as the winner. Soon after that, he got the chance in many shows. But his recent shows comedy nights with Kapil and the Kapil Sharma show gave him the breakthrough. What made him popular is that he is real even if he is acting. India’s most famous comedian The Kapil Sharma quotes found on the internet are a package of laughter. If someone is very sad you can send him or her with a Kapil Sharma quote to make him happy instantly. You can easily find the Kapil Sharma quotes & status on the internet. You can copy them and can share with your friend. You can find more famous quotes by famous people.

Indian Stand Up Comedian & Actor Kapil Sharma Quotes

Kapil Sharma Quotes

Comedian Kapil Sharma Quotes


Before loving anybody start loving urself .. it’s my personal quote.. not from google.


I am always scared before going on stage; this is the fear which makes me do well.


People think I am funny all the time. But I am not. I am serious, too. Also, I enjoy serious, dramatic films.


My style is an extension of acting and an outcome of some serious lessons I picked up learning when I did theatre in my early days


I’m a fun-loving guy. We are basically from Amritsar and ours is a chilled-out family. I think I have got my humour from my mother.

Stand Up Comedian Kapil Sharma Kappu Quotes

People tell me that my appearance in real life is better than on-screen. Perhaps people think I am exactly like the characters I play on TV.


Every artist says that he/she wants to do something challenging, and I’m not any different. If someone approaches me with a serious role, I’ll be more than happy.


People expect comedy from me but I am not just a stand-up comedian anymore. I act on stage, host ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ and also conduct interviews on my show. I have grown as a person and an artiste.


The problem with feature filmmaking is that it offers you this mirage of being able to achieve perfection, as the theory of it is that you have control of every part of the film, though in reality, it is as inexact as the next thing in your life.


I grew up thinking that I would become a fighter pilot and was fascinated by aircrafts as I had grown up around that. But my father encouraged me to not become an Air Force person, given the varied interests I had, be it books, movies, sports or fighter flying.


One can do a film and not work for six months, but on TV, you have to produce good content every week. It involves a lot of hard work, as one has to fight for ratings every week. But I have always got love from the audiences, be it during ‘The Great Laughter Challenge’ or ‘Comedy Circus.’


It was a unique childhood, to say the least. My father was born in Patiala to refugee parents and was a part of the Indian Air Force. The talented few amongst the Air Force pilots are made test pilots. Test pilots are best suited to look at the space programme as they are trained to expect the unexpected.


I am an Air Force brat who grew up at various Air Force bases. I changed six schools in about five years and got stability for the first time when I was sent to a boarding school, Rishi Valley. I lived outside of a cantonment-style living and was among an eclectic mix of kids and got exposed to books and other things.


I used to do a lot of serious theatre during my school and college days. Comedy was only reserved for youth festival and inter-college competitions. Then once ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ was launched, a regional channel in Punjab started a program based on that. I participated in it and emerged as the winner.



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