Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Husband, Wife, Parents & Friends

Express your feeling with best collection of Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes Messages for your loved once. Marriage is the promise to keep holding the hands till death, so you can cherish Happy Marriage Anniversary day by sending to your friends & family members, In this article we’ve added Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband & Wife to let him or her know that how fondly you think of your relationship on this special day and you truly care a lot for feelings of each other. We have added also Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes for FriendsWedding Anniversary Wishes for ParentsWedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife, Romantic Love Marriage Sms for Her & Him, Happy Anniversary Messages for Father & Mother, Happy Marriage Anniversary Sms for In-Laws, Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Greeting Cards, Wedding Day Msg for Newly Married Couple etc.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Husband, Wife, Parents, Friends & In-Laws

anniversary sms for husband
Beautiful Image of Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband


Wish You Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes For Husband


1) Lovely Anniversary Sms for Husband

My darling hubby you are so kind
You live in my heart, soul and mind
Wish you a Happy Anniversary love
May you be blessed by heavens above

Happy Wedding Anniversary


2) Cute Happy Anniversary Sms for Hubby

You work so hard to keep me happy
You pamper me with your special ways
Happy Anniversary dear husband
May life bless you with wonderful days.

Happy Anniversary My Love


3) True Love Wishes on Anniversary

We’ve had our ups and downs,
This we both know,
Through it all our love
Still managed to grow
Different thoughts we
Had About many things,
But our love for each other,
Had no attached strings

Happy Anniversary Dear Hubby


4) Thank You Sms for Hubby

May God let our companionship stay
May we be love today and every day
You are my man, my hero my ginn
Thanks for all that you have been

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart



wedding anniversary wishes for wife
Marriage Anniversary Celebrating Picture of Husband Wife


5) 1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

You came in my life and made it complete
I really couldn’t ask for anything more
Wish you a Happy First Anniversary love
Let’s keep increasing our love life score.

Happy Anniversary Darling


6) Thanks Sms for Husband

There’s so much we have gone through
And yet, without a doubt I say
You are the most wonderful man I have met
Thanks darling for coming my way

Happy Anniversary Honey


7) Marriage Anniversary Wishes in English

Sometimes I nag, sometimes I am difficult
And yet you put up with all my mess
Dear husband, I want you to know
You are an angel sent to bless!

Happy Marriage Anniversary


8) 1st Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Wife

You have made me who I am
I love exploring life with you
May our bond of love keep growing each day
Dear hubby, Happy First Anniversary to you.


9) Happy Anniversary Message for Husband

You are a blessing of Life
Stuck with me in joy and strife
Thanks for being what you are
Thanks for making it wonderfully so far

Happy Anniversary Husband



anniversary love messages
Lovely Couple Picture for Wedding Anniversary


10) Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Lets stay in love, lets stay blessed
Life with you is a sheer joy
Wish you a very Happy Anniversary
My husband, my lover, my cute college boy!

Happy Marriage Anniversary My Janu


11) Wedding Anniversary Wishes to My Husband

Your love makes days happy and bright
With you near everything seems right
Thanks dear husband for being you
For love, care and patience too..

Happy Wedding Anniversary


12) Marriage Anniversary Message for Husband

All through these years
Our love has stood strong and true
Dear husband I want you know
I cannot imagine my life without you

Happy Marriage Anniversary My Love


13) Lovely Anniversary Sms for Hubby

Star has 5 ends
Square has 4 ends
Triangle has 3 ends
Line has 2 ends
But Circle of our love has no end…

Happy Anniversary Love


anniversary wishes for husband
Wedding Anniversary Couple Image of Husband WIfe


14) Special Marriage Anniversary Msg for Husband

Love is not simple
As candlelight and rose
Love is day to day living,
Taking time, making time to be there,
With open arms and a giving heart
Love is the special life we share


15) Happy Anniversary Wishes for Caring Husband

Your love makes my days Happy and bright,
Into my world you Brought pure delight
Joy beyond reason You’ve given me,
Our love is true This I can see.

Happy Anniversary my Love


16) Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Î LÔVÊ Û are words just 3,
Which mean so much on our ÂNNIVERSARŸ.
So this is what I want 2 say,
Live in my heart n there 4 ever stay!

Happy Wedding Anniversary



wedding anniversary wishes for husband
Happy Wedding Anniversary Couple Image with Msg


17) Happy Anniversary Msg for Husband

I am missing you on our Anniversary
More than you could ever know
Waiting for you to come back soon
And next time I am not letting you go.

Happy Anniversary Dear Hubby


18) Happy Anniversary Sms for Lovely Husband

Nothing in this world Could ever be
As wonderful as the love You’ve given me
Your love makes my days so very bright,
Just knowing you’re my lovely husband


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Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Wife


anniversary messages for wife
Wedding Anniversary Quotes with Image of Loving Couple


1) Cute Loving Anniversary Sms for Wife

Loving, thoughtful, kind and smart
Soul of my life, an inseparable part
Thanks for being my lucky charm baby
I am so proud to be your hubby


2) Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife from Husband

Nothing in this world Could ever be
As wonderful as the love You’ve given me
Your love makes my days bright,
Knowing you are my darling wife

Happy Wedding Anniversary


3) Romantic Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Wife

You still have that charming smile
Your style still makes me go mad
Thank you for being such a doll
The best wife I could have ever had


4) Thanks Sms for Wife from Loving Husband

You are loved by my family and friends
Good times with you never ends
You brighten my days and end my strife
Thanks for being an awesome wife



anniversary wishes for him
Couple Candle Light Dinner on Marriage Anniversary


5) Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife

On this wonderful day
I want to see you smiling!
It’s our Anniversary,
I do love you, My Darling!
You are essential for my life,
I need you every hour….

Happy Anniversary, my dear wife


6) Happy 1st Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Your smile is a perfect ornament
You don’t need diamonds and pearls
Happy First Anniversary sweetheart
Thanks for being different from other girls

Happy Anniversary My Love


7) Marriage Anniversary Msg for Wife

Years and years have passed my love
Our togetherness matured with age
Thanks for each wonderful love story
Getting interesting page by page


8) Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Many years gone and more to go
Some days are happy, some are low
In all times, stay by my side
I can’t live without you, today I confide.
Happy Marriage Anniversary



anniversary messages for husband
Happy Marriage Anniversary Celebrating Couple Picture


9) Happy First Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Your patience, love and kind heart
Has supported me right from the start
Dear wife its our first anniversary day
I will love you forever is all I wanna say.


10) Happy Wédding Anniversary Love Sms

On this anniversary, I take this opportunity
2 thank u from the bottom of my heart
4 being my partner, spouse, lover and friend!

Hàppy Wédding Anniversary!


11) Thank You Messages for Wedding Anniversary

Thanks for always being so mature
Thanks for making life so much fun
Wish you a Happy Anniversary wifey
Thank you for whatever you have done.

Happy Marriage Anniversary


wedding anniversary wishes
Cute Romantic Wedding Anniversary Picture of Lovers


12) Happy Anniversary to My Wife Text Msg

Hoping that the love you shared years ago
Is still as strong today as it was then
Bringing you much joy, love and happiness
To celebrate again. Happy Anniversary.


13) Special Anniversary Message for Wife

That special day is here again
The day we took our vows
You’re just as special to me today
As you still get me aroused.
Happy Anniversary Lover


14) 1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

We are best friends before husband and wife
And that makes this relationship more fun
Wish you a Happy First Anniversary dear wife
The party time has just begun.

Happy Wedding Anniversary



happy anniversary wishes
Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes Image for Lovers


15) Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes to Wife

I’m sending this bouquet of love
To say that I love you so much
I hope I say it often enough
I want you to know it’s true,
On this special occasion
I want to remind you
That you are my everything
And my love is true,
Happy Anniversary My Love


16) Happy Anniversary Message to Wife

I still cherish the day I married you
Without you love, what would I do
Thanks for being a part of me
You’ve made me special, you set me free

Happy Anniversary My Sweetheart


17) Happy Wedding Anniversary Message for Wife

How true my feelings were I found out to be
The best thing in my life was when you married me
Thank you my loving wife for the years we share
I know one thing for sure we make a wonderful pair

Happy Wedding Anniversary


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Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Friends & Brother & Sister

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends
Happy Wedding Anniversary Party Picture

1) Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Wishing you more reasons for smiles and less reasons for tears
May you have more proud moments, may you have no fears.
Dear friends, you were married today,
So spend this wedding anniversary in a special way!

Happy Anniversary My Dear Friend


2) Happy Marriage Anniversary Message for Friends

Congratulations, my dear friends,
You have entered your marriage a year ago.
Today I would like to wish
That your love and care for each other
Grows stronger with every passing year!

Happy Wedding Anniversary


3) Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Brother & Sister in Law

We are sending you happy anniversary wishes,
For the years of joy and happiness!
Let every year bring you
Lots of great memories to treasure!

Happy Marriage Anniversary Bhaiya and Bhabhi


4) Happy 1st Anniversary Wishes for Friends

This first year of marriage has been the best
I’ve ever known, so deep and rich and full.
I’ve felt more passion than in all the rest:
More tenderness than silk, more warmth than wool.
Not that it’s been easy. There’ve been times


Wedding Anniversary Messages for Friends
Wedding Anniversary Greeting Image of Friends

5) Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister & Brother in Law

No greeting card to give,
No beautiful flowers to send,
No cute pictures to forward,
Just a loving heart saying
Happy Wedding Anniversary Di & Jiju


6) Happy First Anniversary Sms for Friends

What is the meaning of marriage I found out to
Seeing your married life. Wishing you very happy
Anniversary on the successful completion of 1st
Year of your married life


7) Marriage Anniversary Messages for Best Friend

Wish you Happy anniversary
To the best friends a person could ask for!
We wish you lots of patience together
And even more happiness and joy,
Good luck on your further journey!

Happy Marriage Anniversary


8) First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Greetings

Wishing you the very best,
A wonderful day and all the rest
Good health, good cheer, good luck, good friends,
And happiness that never ends!
Drink some bubbly to quench your thirst
Congrats on reaching Paper, your first
Happy First Wedding Anniversary


Marriage Anniversary Messages for Friends
Happy Marriage Anniversary Celebration Image

9) Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Friends

You two are like a dream couple,
Because you always listened to your heart,
And you never gave up on each other no matter what.
And that I something not all people can do!

Happy Marriage Anniversary


10) Happy Anniversary Sms for Sister & Brother in Law

I’m wishing you a marriage that is
Less argument, more bonding
Less nagging, more loving
Less worry, more laughter
Stay stronger and better
Happy Anniversary!


11) Happy Anniversary Sms for Brother & Sister in Law

You two are an inspiration to the world.
Looking at you, we know that
Soulmates can find and keep each other,
Commitment means something,
A great team can overcome life’s troubles,
And love triumphs over all.
Happy Anniversary!


12) Happy Anniversary Msg for Friends

Happy Anniversary And May
Your Marriage Be Blessed
With Love, Joy And
Companionship For All The
Years Of Your Lives!

Happy Anniversary


13) Happy Anniversary Wishes for Facebook

To the beautiful couple in all the land,
May your anniversary be Happy and Grand.
Happy Anniversary


Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Friends
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes Image for Friends

14) Happy Anniversary Text Message for Cards

Your anniversary marks the day
When you both said “I do.”
The two of you became as one,
A marriage bright and new.
Now time has passed; your love is strong;
You passed the early test.
Your tender bond grows with passing time;
Your marriage is the kind that’s best!


15) Wedding Anniversary Message for Brother

Best wishes to you both on ur anniversary,
May the love that you share
Last your lifetime through,
As you make a wonderful pair.

Happy Wedding Anniversary


16) Happy Anniversary Sms for Greetings

Your relationship is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen,
I’m proud to have you as my friends,
I’m proud of being next to you on such a beautiful occasion,
All I wanted to say is Happy Anniversary!


17) Happy Merriage Anniversary Message for Sister

It is a great blessing for the people
To find each other and live in such a harmony.
Carry on in the same way
And have a long and happy life!

Happy Wedding Anniversary



Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Parents & Uncle-Aunty

anniversary wishes for parents
Cute Pic of Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents


1) Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Dear Parents,
You put a smile on our faces when it gets rough.
You soothe our soul with life is tough.
We never fear when you are around.
You are the one we are so glad that I found.

Happy Wedding Anniversary


2) Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Uncle Aunty

God has given us different beautiful days to celebrate;
Your anniversary day is one of them.
This was the day when you were blessed with best friend,
A lover and a partner for whole life,
May you have many more such happiness and memories.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Day


3) 25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Ιt is really a pleasure tο see you
As a perfect cοuple since THΕ last 25 years.
Ι have and will Αlways pray to Gοd
That your togetherness lasts till Εternity.
Best wishes fο1r your happy married life.

Happy Wedding Anniversary



50th wedding anniversary wishes
Amazing Picture of Celebrating 50th Wedding Anniversary with Sms


4) 50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Warmest cοngratulations and sincere Βest wishes
On your Golden Wedding Αnniversary.
May our beautiful Αnd admirable union
Be richly blessed Αnd your love grow strοnger!
Cheers and Αbundant blessings
As yοu celebrate your 5o Years οf Marriage!

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom Dad


5) Happy Anniversary Message for Parents

Tο the mother who Τaught me How to Βe girly and sweet.
To the dad who Τaught me How tο be strong and never cheat.
Ι wish you Α happy anniversary
I wish that yοu remain happy Αnd healthy
I wish that yοu stay like this forever Αs a couple.

Happy Anniversary Mummy Papa


6) Happy Anniversary Sms for Father in Law & Mother In Law

Mumma Daddy you are special to me.
And on your day of love.
I pray you are showered with zillion blessings.
Have a Good Day and Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.


7) Marriage Anniversary Wishes for In-Laws

Marriage is best rélation between màn and women
In which Indépéndence is Equal, & Dépéndénce mutual
And the Obligation Réciprocal.
Héarty wishes 4 Hàppy Wédding Ânniversary.


8) 50th Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents

Fifty years is really not enough
In which to plumb the depths of someone’s soul.
Fifty more years, then, should be the goal:
To know the beauty of another’s love,
Yearnings shape, and life-long shadows buff.
Yet life was never easy in those years.

Happy Wedding Anniversary


9) Wedding Anniversary Wishes from Children

I am glad you met and got married.
I am proud to be your kid.
A very Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
You are the best couple indeed.

Happy Wedding Anniversary


10) Happy Anniversary Wishes for Father & Mother

You have held my hand and made me walk
You were my voice when I couldn’t talk
Thank you Mom Dad for being what you are
Happy Anniversary to my superstars.

Have a Good Day and Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad


Happy Wedding Anniversary Greetings Wishes Images

Happy Marriage Anniversary Greeting
Happy Marriage Anniversary Greeting for Husband Wife


1st Anniversary Cards
1st Anniversary Cards with Wishes Messages


Wedding Anniversary Greeting
Wedding Anniversary Card with Red Rose
Happy Wedding Anniversary Card
Happy Anniversary Greeting Image with Two Red Heart


golden wedding anniversary cards
Golden Wedding Anniversary Card
Golden Wedding Anniversary Card
50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Greeting Card

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