Beautiful Poem on Nature in English

The most beautiful thing in the world that humanity had neglected since ages are the nature. People often forget about it but when they do notice they got lost in the beauty of it. But how much often do you take time and enjoy being part of nature? We do remember nature only when we are tired or frustrated from day to day living. We only remember about nature when we need the nature for our own purpose. Why can’t we make some time everyday to cherish what we have without any reason? No one has the answer to this question and some of us may now cherish nature but as time passes by will be back t our own usual life. For those who want to cherish the beauty of nature but are unable to do so and read this poem on nature in English, beautiful short environment & nature poetry that is readily available on the internet.

Beautiful Short Famous Poem on Nature in English

Poem on Nature in English
Beautiful Poem on Nature in English | Short Environment Poetry


Beautiful Nature Poems for Kids

  • I love the sound of birds
    so early in the morn,
    I like the sound of puppies soon after they are born.
    I love the smell of flowers
    and the taste of honey from bees.
    I love the sound the wind makes when it’s blowing through the trees.
    I love the way the sky looks on a bright and sunny day,
    and even when it’s rainy, I love the shades of gray.
    I love the smell of the ocean, the sound of waves upon the sand,
    I love the feel of seashells and how they look in my hand.
    And when the sun is gone, I love the moon that shines so bright,
    I love the sounds of crickets and other creatures of the night.
    So when I lay me down to sleep, I thank the Lord above,
    For all the things of nature and more, all the things I love.


2. Short Poem on Nature for Books 

  • Look at the sunshine
    “What a beautiful day!”
    Under the trees
    “We can run and play.”
    Yet we pollute nature.
    What will happen to it in the future?
    By cutting down trees and animals
    How long is Mother Earth going to live?
    Nature is getting older and older.
    Are we going to live any longer?
    The bolder and bolder we get.
    The shorter and shorter the nature lives.



3. Lovely Poem about Nature Beauty

  • The dawn is gleeful
    With the shadow of my beloved.
    It cheers
    With the tone of her voice.
    The sun welcomes the morn,
    With the painting of my beloved.
    She flashes the light
    To show her eternal beauty.
    The sky is proud
    With her reddish color.
    I’m so costly
    Because of my divine sweetheart.
    I’ve forgotten all the spheres of life
    Except for the morn.
    I’ve forgotten all
    Except for my divine sweetheart.



4. Heart Touching Nature Poetry

  • Is covered with dance cloud.
    The earth is so calm
    With her thirsty heart.
    Raindrops are falling
    To quench her thirst.
    Everyone sings gleefully
    As the day is rainy.
    I also sing happily
    Because of my sweetheart.
    She quenches my thirst,
    Like raindrops quench her mother’s, thirsty heart.



5. Short Poem on Beauty of Nature in English

  • A cuckoo bird breaks the silence
    Of the wintry morning.
    Although all the people are sleeping,
    She appeals us,
    With her happy note,
    To awaken from the wintry bed.
    And how to begin a day’s work.
    She hides her face
    With a veil of darkness.
    But she unveils her face
    In the wintry night.
    She sings
    To give the odor
    And the perfection of the wintry dawn.
    Let’s praise
    For the eternal bird.
    Let’s sing
    For her divine voice,
    Who breaks the silence
    Of the wintry morning.
    And welcomes the day with her divine singing.


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6. English Poem Based on Nature

  • It’s how the stars are lit at night
    and how the dewdrops glisten
    How evening shadows mock the light
    and it’s how the silence listens
    From the gentle sway of trees
    that bid such fond adieu
    Songs in a summer breeze
    a voice so clear, so true
    The glory of such symmetry
    so more than fills the eye
    To the beauty of such poetry
    this hopeful heart draws nigh
    In natural peace, all love is born
    To live and thrive each blessed morn



7. 10 Lines Nature Poems for Kids

  • Lovely tree,
    wild winds of winter combed
    your black and thinning hair.
    When dawn blinked
    You emerged softly
    capped in ermine,
    star-kissed with diamonds.
    Wind’s sharp breath caught in his throat
    and sun, stricken sun,
    can’t turn his eye from you.



8. Nature Night Poems, Lines about Trees

  • Soft comes to the hush of eventide
    And songbirds hide
    In limbs of budded trees
    To bid farewell to set the sun
    With lullabies, they’ve sung
    Each night for centuries.
    A lark is winging swiftly home –
    Black dot alone –
    Beneath auroral clouds.
    All nature makes a homeward rush
    As twilight’s rosy blush
    The eyes of night arose.



9. Great Poem about Nature Love

  • “Nature” is what we see—
    The Hill—the Afternoon—
    Squirrel—Eclipse— the Bumblebee—
    Nay—Nature is Heaven—
    Nature is what we hear—
    The Bobolink—the Sea—
    Thunder—the Cricket—
    Nay—Nature is Harmony—
    Nature is what we know—
    Yet have no art to say—
    So impotent Our Wisdom is
    To her Simplicity.


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