Congratulation on Happy First Fathers Day Quotes Messages

Experiencing some things for the first time in your life can sometimes be a proud moment for you. Similarly experiencing father’s day for the first is one of the many proud moments you have faced earlier or you will be facing in the future days of your life. It, not an easy job to be a father because a lot of the people who desired for it, are not yet able to be and you should respect this role. First Father’s day will let you realize that from this day onwards your responsibility to your child and family starts. It is not easy to task to father a child but if you think that you can handle this with love then it will not be that hard for you but again from this day onwards, your life will change forever.

Becoming a dad for the first time is a really big deal, this can be one of the happiest times in your life, it can also be a very emotional and confusing experience. In this article we’re providing some best Happy First Fathers Day Quotes Messages for your friends, Brother, Husband. You may right these Congratulation Messages on Happy First Fathers Day Cards & Greetings, Happy First Fathers Day Messages from Wife, Mother & Sister, Babies & Friends. Wish You Happy First Fathers Day 🙂

Congratulation Messages on Happy First Fathers Day 2024


Congratulation Messages on Happy First Fathers Day
Congratulation Messages on Happy First Fathers Day


 Short Happy First Fathers Day Quotes Wishes

Congrats, new daddy,
And good luck,
Little babies grow up quick so,
Be sure to cherish every minute.

Happy First Fathers Day 2024


Congratulations Msg from Wife

On the most special day,
wishing my dearest husband
a very Happy Father’s Day….
I know you are going to make
the world’s best dad to our baby….
Lots of luck to you first time dad.


Congrats Messages for Friends

Parenthood is one of the,
Best journeys in life,
Congrats and enjoy the ride,
Wish you a very Happy
First Fathers Day 🙂



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Happy First Fathers Day Message from Wife

A tiny angel in your arms,
Can make your heart melt down,
Congratulation for the amazing
New addition to the family.

Happy First Fathers Day


When your arms are around our baby,
he is in the most protective shield.
With lots of love, wishing you a very

Happy first Father’s Day.”



You may not be the best dad in the world
but I know that you will always
the most amazing dad to our child.

Happy Father’s Day



“Being a father will not be easy
but I know that you are going
to make a fantastic dad
because I know how much you love our baby.

Happy First Father’s Day.”



This Father’s Day our baby cannot wish you
but he surely wants to tell you
that you are the most wonderful dad in this world

Happy Father’s Day. Congratulations.



On the most special day, wishing my dearest husband
I know you are going to make the world’s best dad

Happy Fathers Day



 Congratulation Msg From Sister

Congratulations to the first-time dad!
I know there is nothing so,
Special moment as you hold
Your baby in your arms,
May you have a life that’s
Full of happiness and success.
Be a good father always!

Happy First Fathers Day



 Congratulations Wishes from Friend

Congratulations to the new daddy for
Entering the next phase of his life.
Parenthood means sleepless nights,
Messy rooms, diaper changes and
Constant laundry, but that’s nothing
A man like you can’t handle.
Good luck on your new journey!



Congratulations to my friend happy First Fathers Day.
I pray and I hope that you and your baby
have a healthy life filled with nothing
but joy and happiness.

Happy First Fathers Day



Congratulations to the new daddy for
entering the next phase of his life.
Parenthood means sleepless nights, messy rooms,
diaper changes and constant laundry,
but that’s nothing a man like you can’t handle.

Happy First father’s day



You have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby.
Enjoy all the perks of being someone’s daddy.
Always remember how fast time flies and
use the time with your children wisely.



Now you become a new dad and
I am so happy to see such happiness
and joy emitting from you.
This little baby will change
your life for the better.
Enjoy every moment of your new child.

Congratulations & Happy First Father’s Day



There is not a feeling in the world
that compares to holding
your new baby for the first time.
Congratulations to a loving first time dad.
Be a loving father to your child and
give them a life full of happiness and success.



 Congrats Msg by Grandfather

Your dream has finally came true
Of having your own daughter/son.
Take care of your priceless possession.
Looking forward to your party celebration.
Congrats first time dad! Happy Fathers Day




 First Fathers Day Wishes in English

For the new dad with lots of love, because
God has blessed you by giving you
A son for you to guide and take care of.
Today you must be feeling very happy
Because of the great news since that
Beautiful kid will come to fulfill your life with joy.

Happy First Fathers Day 🙂



 First Fathers Day Message from Parents

Congratulations to the luckiest dad in the world!
The arrival of child marks a new chapter of life
For you and your loving wife.
Best wishes to both of you and your new baby!

Wish You Happy First Fathers Day



Special First Fathers Day for Greetings

Having a child is a precious gift,
Remember to always love, protect and cherish
Your child as you head on your family journey together.
Teach your child many things and you will be
Surprised by the things you learn from your child.
A father always holds a special place
In their child’s heart for a life time.



 Being a First Dad Message for Cards

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here.
You are now a daddy to a brand new beautiful baby.
Take care and cherish your bundle of joy.
Enjoy and embrace your new status of parenthood.

Happy First Fathers Day 🙂


Being First Father Wishes and Messages

Being First Father Wishes and Messages
Being First Father Wishes and Messages


Congratulation to Being a Father Messages

A new ray of sun has fallen on your life,
the ray of a cute little princess;
yes, it is your new baby girl!
Let the ray of the sun be there forever.
Long live the kid!
Congratulations to being a father!



Wishes to a Father Born a Little Kid

Your world has become so full today;
it’s all because of the arrival of your little kid.



Proud to be a Dad Messages

Babies are the most
beautiful gifts from God
May your small one
grow strong and happy
under your care and love
Congratulations proud Dad!



A Cute Message to a Father

Congratulations on your new addition;
A baby girl is a treasure rare;
A sweet pink angel, a little doll,
Nothing else can quite compare.



Blessing to being a New Dad

on being a new Dad
Nothing will ever compare
to the joy, love, and delight
a child will bring into your lives
God Bless!



New Father First Smile Messages

He’s your morning’s first smile,
your bundle of hugs,
a heart full of wonder and joy…
he’s everything precious
Your wonderful new baby boy.



Heart Touching Messages For New Father

Her smiles and coos will bring you joy;
She’ll fill your hearts with love and pleasure;
So cherish these special infant times,
With your little girl, your precious treasure.



Being Father First Time Congratulation Messages

Just to let you know
we are thinking of you in happiness
of the beautiful new life
you have created!
Our love is with your new family.
Congratulations on being a dad!



 Dad Little Angel Has Come Messages

The long wait is over
The little angel has come!
We rejoice with you for this sweet gift
May she grow up to be a loving person.



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